One Thing and Another

by Mel Wright

A seaside caper.

A novel set in Hastings. A group of four characters struggle during the recession. Their friendship is compromised by episodes that have comical and poignant results

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The Streets Of London:

The Booth Notebook

South East

In the first volume of this series, we present the distinctive and diverse South East London of the 1890s from the previously unpublished notebooks in the Booth Collection.

Together with the stunning full-colour hand-painted 'maps descriptive of London poverty' and a comprehensive street index these walks provide a guide of unsurpassed detail.

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Longest Journey:

A History of Black Lewisham

Joan Anim-Addo

This is Black History;
This is British History;
There is no contradiction...

'Longest Journey' is essentially a local history, the story of three continents and the journeys which brought them together.

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Turning The Tide

The History Of Everyday Deptford
Jess Steele

The first history of Deptford for over a hundred years, Turning The Tide dips into the lives and times of colourful characters who have lived here from the Romans to the Present.

From the Battle of Deptford Bridge (1497) to the Battle of Clifton Rise (1977) this book races through the ages bringing Deptford's past to life and offering lessons for the future.

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A Working Class War

Tales From Two Families

Edited by Jess Steele

The Second World War was not an event but an era. It was a time when many people had to make hard choices and many more had no choices at all. For working class families this was not unusual. Survival continued to be the essential guide to life.

Two ordinary, working class families, on each side of a great river watched the docks go up in flames. Here they tell their stories and bring home to us the massive diversity of experience of that one war, half a century ago, which continues to fascinate us.

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The Children Can't Wait

The McMillan Sisters

& The Birth of

Nursery Education

The story of the McMillan sisters, the ethos of 'learning through play', the nursery school today, and the rescue of the McMillan legacy buildings in Deptford.

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